CONSENT to personal data processing

Hereby I give my consent to process my personal data by the website PR-CONSULTA.RU (hereinafter the “Company”) and confirm that I act freely and willfully. According to the Federal Law of 27 July 2006 N 152-FZ ON PERSONAL DATA, I agree to provide personal information if required, such as my surname, first name, patronymic, contact telephone number and e-mail address.

I give consent to process my personal data to get the services provided by the Company.

I agree to the following procedures with my personal data: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating or modification), use, as well as any other actions, performed with my personal data in accordance with current legislation.

During the processing of the personal data, the means of data processing applied by the Company are not restricted. Hereby I recognize and confirm that the Company may provide my personal data to the third parties if required, only in order to get technical support, as well as for the statistical, marketing, and other research purposes (in an anonymized form). Such third parties have a right to personal data processing on the grounds of this consent.

This authority is for an indefinite period. I can revoke my consent by sending a written application to the Company. I am aware that putting a “V” in the field “CONSENT to personal data processing” means my full agreement to the conditions, specified in the consent.